Design App in 3 minutes

Create and run app prototype just on mobile phone by Xpage.

Key Features

Ready To Run 

Offers a whole sample project that consist of linked page templates that ready to run.


Data Driving 

Not just styles, but also data-sets. Table Views are data driving, so do Collection Views &. Scroll Views. Not just graphics or text, but also audios, videos, URLs, etc.  



Link between artboards, scrolling on views, playback an audio, enjoy a video stream, and visit a web site. Just like a real app.


Native Components 

Rich native components and templates. Each kind of component can be customized.



Components are not only customized, but also created by yourself.


Drop & Drag 

Move, resize, auto-align your design by easy drop and drag.


Duplicate & Import 

Copy &. paste, duplicate a component, even import the whole art-board.


Magnetic Alignment 

Automatically alignment with magnetic lines, bounds. Align horizontally and vertically, auto-spacing.


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